Family Goldney


I call myself a beach bum, because the beach is my favourite place to be. I swim in the sea every day!  I am so passionate about people. I enjoy being drunk on Jesus, Jesus-drinking (what!!!!????) I’m a night person and celebrate that.


I’m Phil. Hubby to Lisanne and daddy to Ryan, Ethan and Isaac. I love God, Sport and Architecture. I particularly love to combine the above.
My long term vision (besides celebrating this amazing God given adventure called life), is to create a crazy action sports holiday centre on a Croatia Island….watch this space!
I believe a blissful restful existence is available for all, thanks to the finished work of the cross.

Family Marmet


I love beauty and God’s creation. I love to hear people’s stories and how they live their lives. I love the journey I am on, called life, with my wonderful husband David and our four incredible kids Jael, Josua, Esra and Benjamin. I get excited about how our kids grow, learn and explore the world.


Exploring how God interacts with His creation makes me passionate. I love to hear other people’s stories. Finding out what He has blessed and living it out is my aim. It led me to do many things: acting, climbing, singing, furniture making, playing football, the trumpet, guitar, tennis, any ball game, working on a farm, in a hotel, starting my own business, dancing, reading, drinking a glass of wine, getting into all kind of challenges with other crazy lads,..

Matthew Jang & Austin McLain


I’m an Adventurer, Seeker, and Explorer.
My desire is to use the passions that God has given me to connect people to Him and to help them know their value. I love to climb and play like a child, fully free.


A boy in a big world. Learning as much as he can from his Heavenly Father. Movement is praise. Life is prayer. To live is to inspire.

Catrina Cavegn & Paula Cavegn


I love coffee, thick books, adventures, creativity, Spanish wine, cosy clothes, white sharks, community life, travelling, meaningful conversations, homemade food, flexibility, God’s creation, a simple life, long hugs.


I am adventurous, creative, curious and honest.
I believe that we were created to enjoy life, with God and with each other. From
authentic connections to creative dancing, playful movement, lol laughing, out-there
exploring, warm hugging, etc… Ya! I call life an exciting journey together!